Hey Kids!

Snacking on South Carolina peaches is a great way to power up before soccer or football practice. They are packed with vitamins and nutrients to give you the energy to do your best at work and at play. South Carolina peaches are an important part of your daily five servings of colorful fruits and vegetables. Ask your parents to bring home a bag of our fuzzy friend the peach!

Did you know the peach is a member of the rose family and is related to the almond?

Coloring Sheets

Here are a few fun things
you can do with peaches:

  1. Slice a peach into 8 bites. Stick a toothpick into each. Freeze. Use as dippers in strawberry yogurt.
  2. Save the pits (the seeds inside the peach). They are great to use in crafts. You can glue them together to make picture frames for your parents.
  3. Ask Dad to drill a hole through clean dry peach pits. String together to make jewelry.
  4. For a refreshing drink, add peaches to your iced tea for peach sweet tea.