Peach Packers of South Carolina

Our growers and packers make our state’s peaches greater than any other.

Packaging and marketing are the most interesting evolution in the peach industry. Peaches were first sold for local trade. Railway expansion enabled shipment of peach crates along the eastern seaboard. At this time, peaches were graded by hand out in the field and harvested by workers riding wagons pulled by mules.

Henry William Ravenel of Aiken is credited as the first reported commercial shipper in 1859, and Colonel R.B. Watson, South Carolina’s first Commissioner of Agriculture, is credited as the first commercial peach producer to ship peaches out-of-the-state in 1870s.

As peach transport grew and developed through the early Twentieth Century, express shipments in barrels, a crude form of the six-gallon Georgia container, became common. Packers also began de-fuzzing the peach based on consumer demand.

In the late 1940s, more changes in packaging contributed to changes in marketing and distribution. Peaches previously marketed by consignment were now sold Freight On Board.

Today, South Carolina has approximately 10 commercial peach packing sheds. Each packing shed requires about 100 to 150 people to pack and ship peaches. That is at least 1,000 people in the community directly dependent on packing peaches. As in the past, South Carolina has numerous farmers in the direct market basket trade. These are spread throughout the state and also employ numerous farm workers and salesmen in rural areas.

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Chappell Farms

  Barnwell, SC

The Chappell family is a 5th generation peach grower in Kline, South Carolina. The very first orchard was planted in 1927 and today, the farm has grown into an operation that handles hundreds of acres of peaches. Chappell Farms’ peaches are packed in boxes and sold from the packing house, wholesale or retail, and shipped to locations in the US and Canada. Approximately 15 different varieties, including cling, semi-free and freestone, are distributed under the brand of "Pat's Pride.”

McLeod Farms

  McBee, SC

“Life’s a peach” is more than a slogan for the McLeod family of McBee, South Carolina. The McLeods operate one of the largest peach orchards in the area, growing 22 varieties on 650 producing acres on sandy loam outside the small town of McBee, SC. The orchards have been in the McLeod family since 1916. Mac’s Pride Brand peaches are picked every day, are hand-graded, and millions are packaged and shipped to all parts of the U.S. and Canada.

Dixie Belle

  Ward, SC

Dixie Belle is a fourth-generation farm that stretches over the South Carolina counties of Aiken, Edgefield and Saluda. The area is known as the Ridge and the Ridge is known for peaches. For two years straight, Dixie Belle landed on the Stone Fruit Growers’ national Top 20. Dixie Belle ships more than 30 varieties of peaches throughout the United States and Canada and packs a half-million pounds of peaches a day.

Titan Farms

  Ridge Spring, SC

Titan Farms in Ridge Spring, South Carolina is one of the largest, fastest growing farming operations in America. The farm has grown to 4000 acres of peaches, the largest on the east coast. Titan Farms continues to operate as a family farm despite its size and scope. Titan Farms is a profitable company whose employees are committed to producing the highest quality peaches and vegetables thus achieving the highest customer satisfaction.

Big Smile/Yonce & Sons

  Johnston, SC

Big Smile/J.W. Yonce and Sons Peaches began in 1932 as a small peach orchard in Johnston, South Carolina and today has grown to become one of the largest commercial operations in South Carolina shipping over one million boxes annually. Using good old fashion Southern values combined with state-of-the-art technology, Big Smile prides itself in providing only the sweetest Southern peaches. With 3,000 acres, Big Smile’s core values have stayed the same over the past 70+ years.

Abbott Farms

  Gaffney, SC

For 50 years now, the Abbott family has been offering the finest, freshest, and tastiest peaches around. With five modern markets offering tree ripened peaches from mid-May to mid-September, Abbott Farms also offers other types of produce and is a major landmark along both I-85 and I-26 in Spartanburg and Cherokee counties. Tasty peaches are available for purchase online and come in either a 12 or 20 count gift box and are sent the same day they are picked from the tree!

Belue Farms

  Boiling Springs, SC

Belue Farms packs and ships their biggest and best peaches to destinations across most of the United States, Monday through Wednesday during July, August, and September. Since 1955, Belue Farms has been family owned and operated and a business that is built upon honesty, dedication, and respect. Gift baskets are available to order by phone and Belue Farms encourages customers to come visit their operation located off of exit 75 on I-85 in Spartanburg, South Carolina.